Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can one buy this Chumash?

A. At Kehot.


Q. Is this a continuation or competition with the Gutnick, Kol Menachem Chumash?

A. Actually, neither. The Gutnick Chumash is published by Kol Menachem and is written and produced by an editorial team headed by Rabbi Chaim Miller, while this Chumash is published by Chabad of California and written by a committee of several writers.

There is indeed some overlap in intent and content in the two Chumashim: they are both suitable for beginners, present a translation of the Chumash faithful to Rashi, and include the Rebbe’s teachings on peshat and Chassidic insights. However, there are differences, as well: The Gutnick Chumash very ably showcases and summarizes many of the pilpulim behind the Rebbe’s conclusions regarding Rashi or the peshat of the Chumash, and is thus also suitable for those who wish to spend more time studying in-depth. In contrast, this Chumash avoids these pilpulim almost entirely, allotting instead more space to the Chassidic insights. Also, this Chumash attempts to present Rashi’s and the Rebbe’s understanding of peshat comprehensively, interpolating them in the Chumash text so the reader can read them in one, uninterrupted flow. In contrast, the Gutnick Chumash presents Rashi’s basic understanding of the text in its translation of the Chumash and the Rebbe’s insights as a commentary.

Thus, the two projects are not “in competition” but complement each other. We therefore encourage everyone to buy both and learn as much as the Rebbe’s teachings possible!


Q. The Rebbe’s name is followed on the title page by a list of abbreviations some people consider inappropriate.

A. The title pages were written and designed by Kehos in accordance with their policies, and do not reflect the opinions of the editorial committee on this matter one way or the other.


Q. Shouldn’t there be a glossary?

A. There is one, but it didn’t make it in time to go to press. It will be posted here when it’s finished.